Worth A Shot

Client: Adidas & UWHL
Date: March 20, 2019
Services: Art Direction, Motion, Website

01. The Idea

All around the world, girls are giving up on their dreams to become professional athletes simply because they don’t see a future. Literally. They do not see it. Female athletes and sports have always been overlooked and subjected to unfair treatment and stereotyping. Without role models and physical inspiration to look up to, it’s hard to blame girls for their decision to throw in the towel at such an early age. It’s about time this changed.

Currently, in North America, there are 2 professional women’s hockey leagues, the CWHL and the NWHL that are dominantly located on the eastern coast. Both leagues have continuously been in talks of merging together. With the help of adidas, these 2 leagues will merge together and expand to newer and more opportunistic cities and create the United Women’s Hockey League, which will be a pioneer in the new age of women’s hockey. Where the athletes will be compensated fairly, be able to lay a hit without worrying about getting a penalty, be given the freedom to choose how they want to protect their faces, and not have to worry about any of the other issues and gender discrimination that plagues the sport. The future of women’s hockey is now.

02. Out of Home

adidas will be hitting hard and will outline a collection of the most prominent gendered differences that make their home in hockey and do a compare and contrast between the two worlds. The messaging will let aspiring young female athletes know that change is coming, and it’s staying. The print portion of this campaign will revolve largely around public transit since that is how a majority of hockey fans get to the games.

03. Social Media

During the season, Snapchat and adidas will collaborate. Users will be able to play the newest game, Sharp Shooter. At the end of your round, you will be able to take a picture of yourself and share your score on social media using the hashtag #SharpShooter. When you share with the hashtag you will be entered into a weekly draw for a very special and historic prize. There will also be an overall leaderboard, where the top scores from all weeks will be tallied, and the winner will be given the opportunity to donate the equivalent of their score in dollars to the local girl’s youth hockey program of their choice.

04. Charity Classic

The prize for the highest score of each week will win two tickets to the Charity Classic. The Charity Classic is an outdoor hockey game, hosted by adidas, that will take place on January 2nd of each year. This game will consist of both a UWHL team, and their respective local NHL team. But instead of playing against each other, the players from both teams will be split up randomly to play with each other. To top it off, 25% of all proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales will go towards funding girl’s hockey leagues in the surrounding area of where the game takes place.

05. Outdoor Activation

In each Charity Classic Host city, in this case, Los Angeles, adidas will be hosting the Charity Cup. A 19-under intramural road hockey tournament. The event will also include a number of Skills Challenges for attendees to participate in, like Sharp Shooter. This will also be an opportunity to get the word out about the Snapchat game. Again, 25% of all proceeds from the entire event will go towards funding girl’s hockey leagues in the surrounding area of where the event and game take place.

06. Website Redirect

Across the entire campaign, there will be a CTA calling on the audience to visit adidas.com/worthashot. When individuals visit the link, they will be greeted with a webpage that will explain not only the Worth A Shot campaign but the UWHL as well.  There will also be information about what actions adidas and the UWHL are taking to ensure a bright future for current and aspiring women hockey players. This will also give viewers the opportunity to sign up for a community that will be geared towards keeping everyone in the loop on the developments the league is making towards equality in hockey so the future players have a path they can choose as a career.

Thank You.

Client: Adidas & UWHL
Date: March 20, 2019
Services: Art Direction, Motion, Website

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