The SPAM Network

Client: SPAM     Year: 2017

The Possibilities Are Endless

We were all assigned a random brand in which we had to create a campaign in order to revive its fallen legacy. I was graced with the opportunity to work with SPAM. A lot of ideas were tossed around between myself and my professor, along with my other classmates, and we all came to a consensus that this solution was the way to go. Enjoy.

The Solution

After a considerable amount of research not only on the brand itself, but also trends within the food industry, I decided to create a parody Food Network called The Spam Network. How this would work would be a curation of Spam inspired dishes that would be professionally created by celebrity and professional chefs. To promote the cookbook, a mini-series of cooking shows would be created starring celebrity chefs like in my example, Gordon Ramsay. Along with the mini-series, print advertisements would also be made, as well as, pre packaged SPAM dishes, like in the cook book, that would be sold in select grocery stores.

The SPAM Cookbook