Redline Fashion

Canadian Red Cross Clothing Line

The Canadian Red Cross asked us to create a line of products that assist in the learning of First Aid & CPR without attending classes to become certified. Since this is such a serious task for the public to learn, leisure lessons may become intimidating for others to engage in. But you know what isn’t intimidating? Fashion.

Client: Canadian Red Cross
Date: April 4, 2019
Services: Web Design, Product Design, Art Direction
Awards: OCAD U Final Masters - 2nd Place

Meet Kavi

Matt Doyle

Art Director

Laura EK


Francisco Uy


Yianna Apostolidis


Redline Apparel

To ensure the longevity of Redline, Canadian Red Cross will invite and partner with a different Canadian fashion designer with each new clothing season. The example below implies a partnership with Peace Collective.

Redline Online Shop

With RFID technology installed into the clothing, people can simply scan the clothing with their phones. When scanned, it will direct you to the Redline Online Shop where you can learn more about the products and First Aid & CPR techniques.

Redline Fashion Show

By partnering with Toronto Fashion Week, Red Cross will launch the clothing line in a fashion show style rollout. The following video is an example of how we envision the fashion show being carried out by the models.

Hudson’s Bay Window Display

Using Hudson’s Bay iconic window displays, Canadian Red Cross will have real-life mini First Aid & CPR classes. The models in the windows will also be wearing the Redline clothing.

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