Point of Snacking

01. The Task

For this assignment, the task was to choose one of two clients: Metro or Loblaws, as well as, choose a section of the store to direct research towards.

The decision was to direct our research towards the Confectionary Aisle in Metro stores in the GTA. To gather a better understanding of our target we visited half a dozen stores between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. We then observed the people, objects, environment, and messaging in the confectionary area of the stores.

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[thb_iconbox type=”top type2″ icon=”basic_elaboration_browser_check.svg” heading=”Design & Craft” description=”The solution was to introduce and innovate a brand new bulk section to Metro’s across the GTA.” link=”|||”]
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02. Our Target

Meet Caleb, 23, not married, no kids, and an urban dweller. He is freshly graduated, living on his own at the start of his professional career. New to adulthood and just starting to grocery shop, Caleb is finally taking responsibility of his life. He has an opinion about everything and anything. He likes to leave his mark, customize his purchases, and exercise his creativity wherever possible. He loves things that are customized. His closet consists of NIKEiD shoes and thrifted graphic tees. He also designs his own tattoos.

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People love to *be heard.; feel special.*

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03. Interface

Introducing a bulk section vending machine called, Point of Snacking. A curated collection of extravagant snack options specific to the activities you plan to do that evening. From Netflix to working out Metro’s Point of Snacking is sure to satisfy your taste.

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04. Personalized bags

To make our customers feel special, Point of Snacking machines will be stocked with pre-designed bags that will print personalized messages for our snackers.

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05. Locations

Not only will the Point of Snacking machines be placed within Metro grocery stores, it will also be placed within points of interest within downtown Toronto and the GTA such as in Union Station, and movie theatres.

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Union Station

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Scotiabank Theatre

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