Oh! Henry asked us to develop a campaign to revive their old tagline, “Oh Hungry? Oh! Henry.” The goal of the campaign was to become the hunger authority and lifestyle brand for millennial’s. We all know Oh! Henry has more chocolate, more peanuts and more caramel than any other chocolate bar in the hunger category. So if the bar has more of everything, what can we do to make people want more and have more?

Client: Oh! Henry
Date: April 4, 2019
Services: Art Direction, Product Design, Print
Awards: OCAD U Final Masters - 2nd Place

Meet Kavi

Matt Doyle

Art Director

Laura EK


Francisco Uy


Yianna Apostolidis



Out Of Home

20% More-ER

On top of the regular OOH Campaign, Oh! Henry will release specialty More-ER bars for specific times of the year.

TV & Social Media Spot

Snapchat Filter

Who doesn’t love dogs? With the More-ER Snapchat duplication filter, you can have more of everything you love. Especially dogs.


Baller-ER Court

Shooting hoops is so not our style. Why shoot a regular hoop when you can slide down a slide, then jump on a few trampolines before dunking the ball, instead?

Instagram Stories

To promote the Baller-Er Court, Oh! Henry will launch a UGC series on Instagram Story. The first story will be a Call to Action for users to submit their own ideas of where the ball should go next on it’s journey through Toronto.

Instagram Stories

Oh! Henry will then choose the top submissions and compile them into a mini series and post them on Instagram Stories, this is an example of how that would look:

Instagram Stories

The final story in the series will then lead to the Baller-Er Court itself, with a swipe up to see More-Er option to find out more about the installment.