Client: Burger King
Date: November 30, 2017
Services: Advertising


Client: Burger King    Year: 2017

Assigned with a Burger King brief that wanted to outline its messaging around their USP, “Flame Grilled Burgers". A lot of ideas and executions were tossed around in our quest to solve this problem in a new and fresh way when my partner and I finally decided to go with a very lateral thinking idea. Why should all food advertising be appetizing? We should attack this in a non conventional way that will not be like any other fast food advertising. Fire is an element, as well as air, earth, and water. Why not do a campaign where our main idea is that Fire is the top-dog element, especially when it comes to burgers. Our earth execution was that of a patty being grilled on a subway grate, our water was in fact a steamed patty with a bunch of spoiled vegetables and a rusty knife, and our air was an individual trying to cook their burger on a dirty bathroom counter with a blow dryer!

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